Tuesday 11 April 2017 | Category : Events

Pringles gets stationery but it's moving fast!

  Pink Key Consulting Ltd are delighted to announce signing of Helix, the go-to-global favourite for all things stationery, as a licensing...
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Monday 27 March 2017 | Category : Events

ERA Award for Maped Helix Gel crayons

      Maped Helix, the go-to-global favourite for all things stationery, is celebrating after winning the coveted General...
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Thursday 03 November 2016 | Category : Events

Add some colour to your White Christmas with Maped Helix.

  As Santa Claus prepares his sleigh and Rudolph polishes his shiny nose, Maped Helix have added a kaleidoscope of colours to December as the...
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Tuesday 01 November 2016 | Category : Events

Get the complete package with Maped Helix.

  There is nothing more satisfying than a full pencil case bursting with a selection of colour, styles and shapes.   Maped Helix...
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Wednesday 03 August 2016 | Category : Events

Start September right with iconic stationery staple

  Maped Helix are still top of the class when it comes to back to school stationery, with their iconic Oxford range still helping millions of...
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Monday 01 August 2016 | Category : Events

Rule the school this September with new Helix Maths Sets

  If you’re a controller king, an awesome adventurer or a funky fashionista, you can master mathematics in the new school years, thanks to...
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