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Back to School Labels

With the new school year fast approaching it’s time to prepare your children for back to school and the new term ahead. Try this fun and simple activity with your children to personalise and decorate back to school name tags for their school books!

You will need

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    A4 sheets

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    Color’Peps Colouring pencils

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    Felt Pens or Glitter Felts

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    HB Pencil

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    Fineliners or Coloured Gel Pens

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Step 1

Download the label template and print them on A4 sheets. You can choose from the coloured labels and just add your name or the blank labels for you to colour!

To have the correct label size, pay attention to the parameters before printing! Make sure you are in landscape orientation and check “actual size”


Step 2

Once you have downloaded and printed the labels, decorate and colour them in using coloured pencils or Color’Peps felt pens. You can even use glitter pens to make your creations sparkle and shine!

Step 3

When you have finished colouring and decorating your labels, carefully cut them out using the scissors.

Step 4

You can now stick your personalised labels on your school books. For this, you can use glue or adhesive sheets (if this is what you printed your labels on).

Step 5

Lastly, write your name and class on your newly decorated label and enjoy a colourful start to the new school term!


You can print your labels directly on specially adapted adhesive paper. You will only have to stick them on your notebooks.