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Every day, Maped invents, surprises, and imagines.


More than 50 new products per year

50 active patents

+ 250 drawings and models used in 2020

A patended brand in 130 countries


Products are clever and home-made!


100% of product Design is carried out in-house

60% of our products manufactured in our 3 sites ensuring eco-friendly production



Certification ISO 14001 Maped

Certification ISO 45001 Maped

Certification ISO 14001 MAPED MOS

Certification ISO 45001 MAPED MOS

Certification ISO 14001 MAPED SILCO

Certification ISO 45001 MAPED SILCO


At Maped, products are tested ruthlessly by kids.

Therefore, the Mino lab opened at the French headquarters in 2021 to better observe our products in use.

With kids, our teams create evermore sustainble; long-lasting, and safe products.



And even when they are not with us, we carefully consider their expectations all over the world.


Safety first


We follow 1,390 formidable test protocols in our in-house quality laboratory every year!

In total, 53 people are involved in quality across the Group and one in regulatory affairs.


Our unique test machines are designed by Maped and built for Maped.


We also carry out more than 175 annual tests with independent laboratories to check the chemical, physical, and mechanical compliance of our products with European regulations.