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World Creativity Day Competition 2023

A decorated drawing of a hand with colouring pencils and felt pens lying on the page

April 21st 2023, is World Creativity Day and to celebrate this event, we would like to invite you to take part in an international drawing competition on our social networks from 4th to 16th April 2023 for your chance to win a Maped Creativ and colouring bundle worth over £20!


The theme is every hand has a talent. We would like you to think about what your talents are and how your hands help you to achieve them. Maybe your hands can play music, draw or paint artwork? Perhaps your hands help you to dance, climb or swim. Whatever your talent is, we want it to inspire your artwork!


You can use colouring pencils and pens, glitter, collage or paint to decorate your hand drawing. Let your imagination run free and send us your drawings!


Enter on Facebook

Enter on  Instagram 


To celebrate this creative day, many children from around the world will participate in the competition in their respective countries. The best entries from each country will be included in a larger piece of artwork which will be revealed on World Creativity Day!


To enter, simply

  • Draw around the outline of your hand with a black crayon or felt pen
  • Decorate the inside of the hand to show your talent
  • Add your name, age and country to the drawing
  • Take a picture of the drawing or scan it and then post it as a comment on the Facebook post of the contest with the hashtag #CreativityWithMaped or post it on your Instagram account (the account must be public) with the hashtag #CreativityWithMaped


5 winners from all the drawings submitted will be selected by the Maped Helix judges and will win a colouring bundle worth £20!


Full terms and conditions can be found here.