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Our favourite Half-Term activities… Influencer approved!


a collection of arts and crafts ideas

Keeping your little ones entertained over Half Term breaks can be a challenge. With so much energy and curiosity, they’ll definitely be in need of a creative outlet or two! Half-term is a chance to get your children prepared and excited for some fun and engaging activities during their time away from school. Have no fear, we have collated some great Arts and Crafts ideas from our favourite Maped Helix Influencers, who have shared some lovely ways to keep them happy this week and throughout the summer months!




Magic Pens


Our magic pens are a great way to make colouring-in new and exciting! Grab their favourite colouring books or printouts of their favourite characters or patterns, and let their imaginations run wild. With 8 beautiful and bright colours and two magic pens that can change the colours on the page, I’m confident these will go down a treat! Watch our TikTok where I had a really fun afternoon using these pens with my family and show you how you and your little ones can create some really imaginative pieces!



Coloured in A4 that says "When it rains, find rainbows". The paper is lying on green grass.



Blow Pens


Our favourite creative mom @creative_mama_che is our ultimate go-to for fun arts and crafts, and we have a feeling she’ll soon be yours too! The family got super creative and fun with our blow pens and made these incredible pieces using cardboard. This is such a great example of simple activities ending up being the most fun (and potentially messy!)



A rainbow giraffe made with blow pens lay on the left hand side



Mini cute pencils


@nikkiandthelittles are amazing at creating beautiful arts and crafts, especially when they have the help of our mini cute colouring pencils! Using our how-to-draw blogs as guides for their creations, they then brought them to life with lots of colours. This is such a great and easy way to get them drawing as well as colouring, and with our easy step-by-step guides, it’ll fill them with confidence and pride in their pieces of art!



a desk full of animal drawings with mini cute pencils



Mini cute felts


@thecreativestrawberries girls always nail it when it comes to being creative! Take a look at this beautiful bouquet of flowers using our mini cute felts, we absolutely love it! As well as being fun to make and beautiful to hang up with pride, this arts and crafts idea would make for a perfect card for a friend or family member!


painted purple flowers in a pot with a green bow



Top tip : The end of school is fast approaching and this idea would make for a lovely Thank you card for your favourite teacher! The flowers are now out in full bloom, so why not get them outside picking their favourite and recreating them for this piece?




Window felts


We absolutely love these mini creations from @nikkiandthelittles. Especially with the beautiful summer weather we now have, they make for amazing artwork for your window! This is such a great way to share their art with family, friends and neighbours and also acts as a great alternative space to keep their creations if you’re running out of room!



drawings of different characters on a window



For even more window fun during the summer, our window felt pens let your little ones create artwork straight onto the glass! This is a great activity for them to enjoy inside, outside or even travelling in the car!



a pack of window felts and cloth



Lumi Board


Have we saved the best until last? You tell us! Our Lumi Board is one of our personal favourites. Whether it’s too cold or (hopefully!) too hot outside, this makes for an engaging and exciting activity for all ages. For your little ones who aren’t so confident with drawing, our Lumi Board is here to help! Simply pick from the 250 drawings and the 12 ocean felts the Lumi Board comes with, and let them have fun whilst learning to draw! Both @thecreativestrawberries and @motherandfun absolutely love it and we think your children will too! Watch @motherandfun ‘s How-to video on Instagram to see how wonderful it really is!


girl drawing a cupcake on the lumi board




We hope these ideas are helpful, fun and exciting for you and your family this Half Term, and have inspired you to get creative with your children and let their imaginations run free! If you’re an influencer who would love to feature in another blog like this, please message us, we’d love to see and hear your wonderful arts and crafts ideas!