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Dad Joke Father’s Day Cards!

fathers day cards and product

The time has come to celebrate and show our love to the Father Figure in our lives. When you think of Dad, you think of all their typical traits; phone always on full volume, eating all of the snacks in the house, taking up the role of Holiday admin and airport navigator, but probably most infamous of all… sharing some cringe-worthy Dad jokes!


Therefore, what better way to create the perfect Father’s Day card than with a dad-joke-worthy pun? We have collated some of our favourite sweet and silly ways to tell Dad you love him with some creative craft cards. Even better? You can recreate all of these cute cards just by using our Maped Helix products! Perfect for the father figure in your life to always treasure and for your little ones to enjoy using again and again.



fathers day cards and product





You’re one in a melon


One of my personal favourites, this will always go down a treat! Simply grab an old sponge and after cutting it into a triangular shape, stencil it using our Maped Brush Felt Pens and decorate it with black spots and a green strip across the top. For the writing here, we used our Helix Oxford Colour Gel Pens for the perfect finishing touch!





melon and color pep brush




You’re O- “fish” -ally the best Dad ever!


Using our  blow art pens, create a wonderfully blue, under-the-sea background! You can decorate this with our Maped Glitter pens for a shimmering finishing touch. Using a bright and contrasting colour, stencil your little one’s hands onto a piece of paper and colour in. Cut this out and add it to your creation. To finish, simply add eyes and a smile and of course, your dad joke pun!






fishally the best




You’re the best dad…hands down!


Simple yet effective, this card embodies everything we love about a dad joke! This is one of those jokes he’ll be telling his friends about (and no doubt, borrowing from you to use on others!) Make sure you choose lots of beautiful, bright colours and have your Maped scissors to hand!



blow pen hands down






Dad, thank you for always going the extra mile!


I think it would be fair to say that most of our Dads also double up as a 24/7 chauffeurs at some point in our lives! This fun pun will make him laugh but also let him know just how much you appreciate him and everything he does for you. This one could also be extra special for Dads who work away or long hours as a driver. Whether it be a bus, taxi or lorry, this card will have pride of place in his work vehicle and remind him every day how much you love him. Make sure you have your Maped World colouring pencils to hand!



extra mile world pens




Dad, you’re dino-mite!


This one is perfect for your younger children and embodies the fun and silliness that all dads have. This is a card he will treasure and will no doubt make it to the fridge door! To recreate this, simply outline a green hand print from your little one using our Maped Jungle felt pens and then add a little bit of drawing to finish the neck horns and smile.




dinosaur and color pep brush pens




We hope you find these Father’s Day cards a creative alternative to purchasing, and have fun creating them with your little ones. If not for Father’s Day, we think they would work perfectly for any family member or loved one for any occasion! Whoever receives these wonderful cards from you, we know they will be appreciated and specially kept for years to come.