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Thank you gift for your teacher

A small plant on a desk with bunting hanging over it spelling thanks

The end of the year is approaching, and teachers, teaching assistants and educational staff will be able to enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday for the next few weeks! For something a little different to the usual end of terms gifts of chocolates or stationery, why not make something a little more personal? Bring a little bit of nature into their classrooms for a unique gift any special teacher is sure to love!

You will need

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    Succulent plant in a plain pot

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    Felt tip pens or paint to decorate

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    String, thread or ribbon

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    2 pencils


Step 1

Paint the pot the colour of your choice then decorate it however you like! You could use felt pens, paint, glitter or stickers to create a design that your teacher will love.


We have painted ours blue and added a smiley face!

A hand holding a small succulent plant in a decorated pot

Step 2

Cut a 30cm string or thread and place 6 strips paper around 2cm wide next to each other under the thread.

6 strips of paper in a line with a white ribbon lying across the top

Step 3

Apply glue to the bottom of each strip of paper, then fold the strips to form flags. Cut out the bottom of the flags in the shape of a pennant, as in the photo.

A row of 6 bunting flags on a ribbon

Step 4

With coloured markers, write the letters “THANKS” on each flag.

A row of bunting with thanks written on with coloured felt pens underneath each flag

Step 5

Tie the threads onto pencils to create the banner.

2 pencils with bunting spelling out thanks in between

Step 6

Place the succulent or small plant in the decorated pot, then plant the pencils on each side to make a banner.


And there it is! Your thank you gift is ready to gift to your favourite teacher to decorate their classroom, office or home!

A small plant on a desk with bunting hanging over it spelling thanks