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Make a fun paper mask

Child wearing the homemade mask and smiling

To kick start our Summer Super Stars competition in style, we’ll be using some of our favourite Maped Helix products to make an exciting colourful mask covered in feathers! Perfect for summer parties or playing dress up with your friends over the holidays.


Follow our step-by-step guide but feel free to be as creative as you like to make your mask as individual and vibrant as you are!


Don’t forget to post your creations on Facebook (@MapedHelix) or Instagram (@maped_helix) for a chance to win amazing prizes. Find out more about the competition here.


Step 1

Gather the materials you need and get ready to start!

Stationery and paper laying on a desk

Step 2

Find a circular object roughly 8cm to 10cm in diameter, such as a mug. You could also use a compass, if you have one.


Draw two circles on a piece of card, slightly overlapping in the middle.

a hand drawing around a circular template with stationery laying on a desk

Step 3

Using scissors, carefully cut around the outside of the circles to create the main template of your mask.

hands cutting out the circular mask shape

Step 4

Find the centre of each circle, ask an adult to help you carefully pierce the card with a pair of scissors and cut two eye-shaped holes, roughly 3cm to 5cm wide.

hands holding scissors cutting eye holes in the mask

Step 5

Now it’s time to get creative! Take your coloured card and draw feather shapes between 10cm and 15cm in length. Use different colours to make your mask pop.


Cut the feathers out and then make cuts to both sides to create the feather effect.

scissors cutting into coloured paper to create a feathered effect

Step 6

Cover your mask all over with glue.

a hand holding a glue stick and applying glue to the back of the mask

Step 7

Stick your feathers at the top, bottom and sides of the mask – being careful not to cover the eye holes!


Allow some time for the glue to dry.

hands sticking down paper feathers onto the mask

Step 8

Why not decorate the feathers using felt tips, glitter pens or colouring pencils?

Jungle Innovation felt pen stand on a desk with the paper mask and a child's hand decorating the mask with the pens

Step 9

Pierce small holes towards the two outer edges of the mask.


Take a piece of string or ribbon and cut so it’s slightly larger than the circumference of your head, just above your nose.


Pop the piece of string or ribbon through the two holes and attach either with a small knot or sticky tape

Child wearing the homemade mask and smiling

There you have it – your own colourful mask. Don’t forget to take a photo of your creation and tag us on Instagram or Facebook to enter our weekly Summer Super Star giveaway!


Weekly prizes are listed on our social channels – and there’s also a chance to win Alton Towers tickets and a Micro Scooter. You can find our terms and conditions here.


Check the Maped Helix website and social media channels every Tuesday throughout the school holidays for more craft ideas!