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Make a cute octopus

Completed paper octopuses

We’re more than halfway through our Summer Super Stars campaign and this week we are tasking you with making a cute octopus!


Don’t forget to post your creations either commenting on our latest competition post on Facebook (@MapedHelix) or by tagging us in on Instagram (@maped_helix) for a chance to win amazing prizes, including stationery bundles and Alton Towers tickets. Find out more about the competition and how to enter here.

You will need

  • check

    Ribbon or wool

  • check

    White and coloured paper

  • check


  • check

    Coloured pens and pencils

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    Hole punch

  • check

    Bubble wrap

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    Googly eyes

  • check

    Water spray


Step 1

Gather the equipment listed above and get ready to begin.

Stationery and craft tools laying on a desk

Step 2

To start this task, cut a piece of foil and colour it, preferably using our Color’peps Duo Felt Tip Pens. Spray a fine mist of water on top.

A sheet of foil that has been coloured in with felt pens with a hand holding a spray bottle

Step 3

Press down a piece of bubble wrap carefully onto the wet colours and lift it off.

A sheet of bubble wrap laying on top of a sheet of coloured in foil

Step 4

Place a piece of card or paper on top of the foil and rub over it to print your colours, then lift it off. Then, using another piece of card or paper, lay the bubble wrap on to it colour side down and press, then lift off again.

A sheet of paper with colours printed on with a pair of scissors and a pencil laying on top

Step 5

Once the paper has dried, cut out an octopus head shape and stick it on to some coloured card or paper and cut it out, leaving a small edge.

A glue stick with some paper and coloured card

Step 6

Use a hole punch to make four holes along the bottom, then pick two colours of ribbon.

An octopus shape with a hole punch

Step 7

Double them up to thread, loop and pull gently through each hole to make the octopus’ tentacles

Hands tying ribbon onto a paper octopus

Step 8

Finish off by adding some googly eyes!

Hands sticking googly eyes onto a paper octopus

Step 9

Congratulations. You’ve completed the challenge!

Completed paper octopuses

That’s challenge four of our Summer Super Stars campaign complete. Don’t forget to take a photo of your creation and tag us on Instagram or comment on the competition post on Facebook to enter our weekly Summer Super Stars giveaway!


Weekly prizes, including a chance to win Alton Towers tickets, are listed on our social channels – and there’s also the opportunity to win a Micro Scooter if you complete at least three of the six challenges. You can find our terms and conditions here.


Check the Maped Helix website and social media channels every Tuesday throughout the school holidays for more craft ideas!