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All your back to school essentials for under £20!

Back to school stationery

That time of year has come back around again, that’s right; it’s back to school shopping time! It feels like the Summer holidays go by in a flash and then before you know it, you’re back buying stationery, picking pencil cases and trying on new shoes!


Well, we know how daunting and exhausting all of that back to school shopping can be and have therefore, took it upon ourselves to make things a little easier for you all with our Helix Oxford back to school blog.




back to school list and highlighters




We as a stationery brand, have always been pillars of the stationery community and are recognised year after year for our unmatched quality of school stationery.


If your children are starting secondary school or you are starting College or University soon, this checklist will be a lifesaver for ensuring you have everything you need for the new academic year!


Oh… and not to mention, we can find you everything you’ll need totaling under £20! We’ve hunted down the best Helix Oxford bargains we could find, so simply click the link in the titles to find your amazing deals…



Helix Oxford maths set – £2.49



maths set


The ultimate back to school stationery that everybody needs!

Our Helix Oxford maths set is filled with everything you’ll need to be properly prepared for maths lessons including a pencil, compass, sharpener, eraser, set squares, protractor, ruler, stencil and timetable! Take a look at our collaborative blog on Ryman to read all you need to know about using your Helix Oxford Maths set!



Helix Oxford folding ruler – £1.00



folding ruler


Although our maths set includes a 15cm ruler, you’ll need one for longer lines such as titles, front pages and longer measurements. Our 30cm folding ruler is the perfect stationery edition! With beveled edges and a folding middle, it’s accurate and fits perfectly into pencil cases.



Helix Oxford colour gel pens – £2.99



helix oxford colour gel pens


These bright and bold colour gel pens are perfect for titles, headings and just making revision notes look much more exciting! Colour-code your work in style with colours that fit perfectly for each subject.



Helix Oxford scientific calculator – £8.99


Our world renowned scientific calculator is a staple you need to master your maths lessons. Known by all as the go-to best calculator to use, it has everything you need for your revision and difficult equations.



Maped glitter pastel highlighters – £3.00



maped pastel glitter highlighter


Now for the fun part! Once all your notes have been made or it’s time to annotate your revision book, there’s nothing better than our glitter pastel highlighters! With a beautiful shine and gentle pastel colour, it’ll be hard to resist highlighting all of your notes.



Helix Oxford scissors – £1.49



helix oxford scissors


Save time waiting for the communal class scissors and use your very own Helix Oxford ones! With their rounded edge and ambidextrous handles, they’re both safe and easy to use.




Back to Primary school for £10!


We couldn’t forget about the little ones who will be going back to Primary school too! Although primary schools do provide the necessities such as pencils and writing pens, it’s important to send them back with some special stationery that’s all their own.



primary school stationery range



Mini cute highlighters – £2.50


These adorable highlighters are perfect for your little ones pencil cases. Compact and cute, they have vivid, bright colours that will help aid them in their learning and retention of information.


Infinity colouring pencils – £2.50


Your children will be the hit of the classroom with our innovative Infinity colouring pencils! Gone are the days of queueing at the bin whilst sharpening their colouring pencils, these pencils literally last forever and never need sharpening!


Monster felt-tip pens – £2.50


Our fun monster felt-tip pens are perfect for back to school and even make for fitting Halloween stationery! The pack includes 12 different monster themed pens that depict different emotions, each one washing out of clothes easily, perfect for messy monsters!



That’s our back to school stationery checklist complete! Good luck to all going back to school or starting a new one, we’re sure that you’re going to smash it!


Click the link below to explore our full school stationery range.