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Outdoor Arts and Crafts ideas – influencer Approved!

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Welcome to the second series of our Influencer approved arts and crafts ideas. With the return of the lovely weather, ( and the beginning of the colourful changes into Autumn), we thought we would put together some of our favourite arts and crafts ideas we’ve seen created by our very own influencers. Getting your children outside and away from screens whenever possible is so important to their learning, mental health and a great chance to bond over a shared activity.


Here are some of our favourite ways to get creative outdoors, and how you can recreate some of these ideas using our Maped Helix products.


Flower animals


We love how @nikkiandthelittles has not only incorporated the beauty of the outdoors into their creations, but also shown how you can utilize your recycling for fun art! By using cardboard and felt pens to create the base for your favourite animal, and scissors to pierce the holes for your findings, you can then go on a family walk or adventure to find some beautiful flowers of greenery to decorate with!



flower butterfly



Nature Hunt


A great idea from @creative_mama_che is to create a nature hunt based on colours! By setting up a colour palette using your favourite colouring felt pens, you can then glue stick on some egg cup containers and go on a colour adventure! This is a great way to introduce mindfulness to your children and allows them to be present during walks and interacting with nature. For younger children, this is also a great way of developing their speech, and recognition of colours!



nature hunt


Leaf rubbing


@mummy.to.boys has nailed it with this genius idea of fun ways to use our innovative Infinity colouring pencils. Infinity colouring pencils are a match made in heaven with this type of activity as you can colour using the whole of the pencil, making an activity like this inclusive for all ages and abilities. Ellie shows you how to easily create fun and colourful pictures using leaves and flowers they have found in the garden or on a walk!



infinity leaves




Activity Jars


Who’s to say you can’t make an activity out of picking one?! @mummys_craft_and_play have come up with a great idea on how to keep everyone happy and busy over school breaks by picking from days in or days out (depending on the weather I imagine!) First, you and your family can think of fun activities or places you would love to go and write them in felt pen onto colourful lolly pop sticks! This is a great activity to do on a sunny day, especially when ice lollies are needed!


summer activities



Rock fruits for mud kitchen!


If you have an outdoor kitchen or wendy house set up like @diy.mama.kayleen then this is such a great idea for you! After some exploring, collect together some soft-touch stones in a variety of shapes and sizes. Then, using a pencil and some soft felt-tip pens, you can stencil your favourite fruits and colour them in to add to their outdoor kitchen!


rock fruit bowl


Window Art


One of our favourite Maped products, is our window felt pens. Get your little ones outside and getting creative on the windows just like @littlies_and_me has! When the sun is shining, it is easy to admire how beautiful these look on your windows and your neighbours will too!



window felts sea life



For more fun and creative ideas or to be included in our next activities guide, “Autumn arts and crafts – Influencer approved”, head to our Instagram to take part in our arts and crafts challenges or show us your own creations. Don’t forget to share and tag us!