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Autumn decor ideas for your work space!

october bullet journal

Now that the colours are changing and the weather is getting cooler, it’s time to alter your in-door surroundings to match the outdoors! Making sure that your work from home space feels in harmony with your environment, is a key component in ensuring that you feel calm, happy and find it easier to concentrate. Here are our top-tips on bringing the Autumn in, and making sure your stationery and work space is perfect for this spooky season!



coffee and october planner in bullet journal




Nature should be your biggest inspiration


As the leaves change colour, so should your décor and stationery colours! Match up with the beautifully bronze, orange and reds that will be right outside your window. Take away any colours that are synonymous with Spring or Summer and let yourself perfectly incorporate the natural colours of Autumn into your work and space. Some of our Maped Helix stationery favourites for this time of year are our Helix Oxford Geo Maths set and our Maped glitter metallic highlighters!



autumnal stationery



Channel comfort and coziness


Autumn and Winter are cosy seasons, so make sure your work from home space feels as comfortable as you need it to be! Make sure you’re incorporating warm lighting via fairy lights and candles around your work space (where safe)! Adding comfortable pillows and blankets to your seat will also help keep you relaxed and feeling warm during the working day. You could even treat yourself to something pumpkin spiced too!



cosy desk set up with mini lamp



Matching Notebooks and Journals


Your work from home space needs to be instantly symbolic with Autumn so ensuring that your notebooks and journals match your newly autumnal décor is a must! Opt for either an academic calendar that begins with September or simply stick with a notebook with a classic Autumn palette of greens, reds and oranges. If you’re like me and love your neutrals, coffee colours such as beige, brown or rust will also work perfectly!



stacked autumnal notebooks and plush pumpkin



Pick a theme


The beautiful thing about Autumn is that it’s just as colourful as Spring. There are so many colour palettes to choose from that everyone can have an Autumn work from home space that’s perfect for them! Some of our favourite colour themes are:


Forest greens

Berry reds

Autumn sun

Frosty mornings

Golden leaves



autumnal desk set up



Use your downtime for Autumn activities!


It’s important during this time of year to incorporate mindfulness and creature comforts to keep you motivated and feeling positive. Some of our favourite ways to do this is with background music. We recommend the following playlists for the perfect work from home background!


Coffee shop jazz playlists:


Autumnal Vibes Playlist 


Gilmore Girls fall Playlist


Pumpkin Spice Playlist


Coffee shop jazz Playlist 



october bullet journal



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