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The ultimate kid’s christmas gift guide: arts and crafts edition!

colourful letters to santa

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas means so much to so many people but to most, it’s the time of giving and receiving gifts between your special loved ones. There’s no better way to spend Christmas than being surrounded by the love and laughter of your little ones and watching them as they excitedly await the return of Santa Clause on Christmas Eve!


That’s where we come in! We’re here to make sure they wake up on Christmas morning, opening their presents thinking; “this was definitely worth the milk and minced pies!


We have put together a selection of our favourite Christmas gifts for your little ones, based on what they love. We really do have something for everyone!



For the kids who love crafts:

If your kids love arts and crafts, then our scrapbooking kit is the perfect present! They’ll be able to get creative with this kit by building their dream journal; full of stamps, stickers, tapes and photocards. It’s such a great gift idea for your older children who want to make a special memory book for the year, filled with their favourite photos of family and friends or their favourite memories, from birthdays, holidays and school! It’s also a great way for them to express themselves through creativity.


scrapbooking and journal



For the kids who love to draw:

The Lumi Board is a gift that every child would love to see under the Christmas tree! Whether your children are already talented drawers or they would love to develop their artistic skills, the Lumi Board allows your children to create anything they could possibly imagine! Whether you want to use one of the 30 templates that comes with the kit, or even use your favourite photographs and/or pictures, there’s no stopping them with the support of the light projection feature!


lumi board on blue background



For the kids who love colour:

Make way for the ultimate colouring kit! This is an incredible, all in one, Maped crème de la crème! Your little artists will absolutely love this 150 piece rainbow kit that includes everything they could possibly need to get colourful and creative! This includes all our favourites such as the award-winning Infinity colouring pencils, Jungle felt pens, glitter pens and so much more. The possibilities really are endless with this gift!


150 piece colouring set



For the kids who love to get messy!:

A solid favourite of our Maped Helix influencers, the blow pen art kits always go down a treat! If your little ones love getting a little messy with their creativity, they’re going to be ‘blown away’ by this one! The kits come with a selection of bright, beautiful, coloured felt pens and a range of different designs. This gift allows them to create something colourful whilst also learning an exciting new twist on a traditional art technique.


blow pen art on red background



For the kids who love to create something beautiful:

If your little ones love to create pretty things and showcase them proudly, then the Secret Mosaic Jewellery box kit is the perfect present for them! Covered in beautiful things such as flowers and fairies, your children will be so excited to finish their Jewellery box and put all of their special trinkets inside for safe keeping. If they love this, we’re sure they’ll love the Secret Mosaic diary kit just as much!


secret mosaic jewellery box and journal on blue background



For the kids who love to build:

Forget building blocks, let them build Dinosaurs instead! Our award-winning Dino Factory kit helps them bring these incredible animals back to life. After assembling the dinosaur bones (3D wooden skeleton), they can get stuck in with the modelling dough to create their fantastic dinosaur, ready for display or play! This fun kit also comes in a unicorn design.


little girl playing with dino factory at desk


For the kids who love to paint:

If your children love to paint but you don’t want the mess, our aqua art kits are the perfect present go-to! Simply colour with the kit’s colouring pencils provided and then paint over with the watercolour brush! This is such a great present for a budding young artist who wants to begin learning how to use watercolours. We have 3 different aqua art kits with different designs to get creative with, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for them!


aqua art on purple background



For the kids who are tech savvy:

It doesn’t get much more exciting than our magical tablet! If your kids are tech savvy, but you want to try and keep them away from the screens as much as possible, then this is the gift for you. Let them draw pictures, write stories or play games with the magic tablet pen and then decide whether to lock in their creation or erase it with the click of a button! This also makes for a great toy to bring with you on travels or as a way to learn or complete homework! (It also makes for a fab shopping list!)


magic tablet and cover on red background



For the curious little ones!:

Our my firsts range is the cutest collection of arts and crafts toys to introduce our tiny ones to the world of creativity! The activity kit includes jumbo crayons and felt tips, complete with a giant poster to let them loose on!


my first colouring activity box on red background




Get Christmas ready now whilst there’s some great deals happening! Shop our whole Christmas collection and more by clicking below!