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Snowman Advent Calendar

Completed advent calendar

Christmas is fast approaching and children are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Santa! Why not help them count down the sleeps until Christmas by making their very own snowman advent calendar? The perfect friend to help them remember how many days left before Santa comes down the chimney!


Thanks to The Mother of Two for this activity.

You will need

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    White A4 paper

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    Felt pens

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    Glitter or Sequins to decorate (optional)

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    Split pin


Step 1

Gather the materials  you need and download and print the template sheet.

advent calendar template with scissors and colouring pens

Step 2

Cut out the circle with the numbers

Scissors cutting out advent calendar template

Step 3

Glue the numbered circle to a sheet of card to strengthen the template

advent calendar template glues on to sheet of card

Step 4

Cut out the circle with the card attached

Scissors cutting out advent calendar template

Step 5

Also cut out all the parts of the snowman’s face.

Scissors cutting out snowman template

Step 6

Glue all parts of the face onto the circle.

numbered circle with snowman features glued on

Step 7

Don’t forget the hat!

numbered circle with snowman features and hat glued on

Step 8

Colour the elements of the face to personalise the snowman.

numbered circle with snowman features and hat glued on coloured in

Step 9

Decorate the snowman however you like, you could even add glitter or sequins to make it look even more Christmassy!

Adding glitter to the snowman advent calendar

Step 10

Carefully pierce the centre of the circle and the triangle which will serve as a carrot using scissors.

Scissors piercing snowman's nose and face

Step 11

Carefully pierce the split pin through the hole in the nose and face and secure it in place

Spilt pin through hole in carrot and snowman's face

Step 12

Your snowy countdown is ready! Simply turn the snowman’s nose to track the days left until Christmas!

Completed advent calendar