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The Benefits of Handwriting and our top tips for writing more!

rose gold helix oxford fountain pen on a desk

For national handwriting day, we want to celebrate all the different times in our lives that we get to hand-write things, especially in a world where handwriting is being taken over by technology. From a creative story to a busy to-do list, there’s so many benefits to handwriting! Not just to benefit your mental health by soothing nerves and calming anxieties, but for ‘exercising’ our brains and aiding cognitive development for younger children.


Here are all of our favourite ways to re-incorporate writing into our everyday lives alongside our favourite  Maped Helix products to help you!


To do lists


It’s been proven that hand-writing lists can be much more effective at helping you to remember and recall information. Therefore, it seems the perfect way to put together your to-do’s for the day! By taking the time each morning to write out the things you want to get done, you’re more likely to complete them. We would recommend using our Maped 4 colour ballpoint pen, as you can easily colour code your to-do’s in terms of priority and tackle those jobs first. Alternatively, our magic tablet makes for a great notepad!




Journaling for your mental health, if anything else, has been shown to be such an amazing method for clearing your mind and de-stressing. Putting pen to paper is a great way of expressing your emotions and understanding your feelings. Our favourite way to do this, is to ask yourself 4-5 questions and set a timer, allowing you to just scribble away for a few minutes per question. This can help to lighten the mental load! Using our Helix Oxford gel pens, and picking your favourite colours, you can add another enjoyable element to this amazing task. For your little ones, our scrapbooking journal is a perfect way to introduce them into the world of journaling!




Incorporating handwriting skills into your children’s day-to-day learning is such an amazing way of improving their co-ordination, memory and creativity outside of the classroom. By getting them involved in writing activities and story-telling on the weekends, you will see such a change in their confidence and enjoyment of writing. To get them even more excited about writing, we think they’d love our Maped Color pep’s jungle innovation. You can let their imaginations run wild as they easily swap and change colours throughout their activity!




Arts and Crafts


Our aqua art kit is the perfect way to harness the skills you acquire from handwriting but in a completely different form! Similarly to handwriting, painting also helps with hand-eye coordination, enhances creativity and improves motor skills. Especially in younger children, holding the water-tank brush in their hand, mimics the positioning of a pen or pencil, meaning they can practice towards perfect writing during a fun, weekend activity!


Writing cards


There’s nothing more sentimental than a handwritten card, especially when it’s been written by someone you love! Encouraging them to sign their own cards or even write them start to finish from a young age, is a great way for them to practice writing in a smaller space, using a pen instead of a pencil and expressing their emotions by writing something meaningful, straight from them. Our Maped graph’peps fine liners are perfect for everyone to use with their triangular barrel, as this makes them easier to grip and use, whilst also offering a range of beautiful colours! For us adults, treat yourself to one of our beautiful Helix Oxford fountain pens to add a special, elegant touch to any of your occasion cards.