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Easter Egg Card

Finished Easter card

Wish your loved ones a Happy Easter with a homemade card with a personal touch. Children will love painting with their fingers to create a decorated egg design for the front of their card. Don’t forget to write a special Easter message to your loved one inside!


Thanks to Anne-Laure from the What to do with rasmoquette for this activity.

You will need

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    White A4 paper

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Step 1

Fold a white A4 sheet of white paper in half.

Use a pencil to draw an egg shape in the middle of the page

Drawing an egg shape on a piece of paper

Step 2

Carefully cut out the inside of the egg with scissors

Cutting out the egg shape using scissors

Step 3

Mix the paint to obtain pastel colours and open the sheet of paper

An open sheet of paper with an egg shape cut out from one side

Step 4

Dip your finger in the paint then press on to the sheet to create finger prints.

Repeat with each colour to fill the entire inside page. Leave to dry

Finger painting on one half of the sheet

Step 5

Apply glue to the paper around the cut out egg shape

Applying glue around the cut out egg

Step 6

Close the card to glue the whole thing together

Cut out egg shape with painted design showing through

Step 7

Glue a pretty ribbon bow to the top of the Easter egg

Applying a bow to the card

Step 8

Write an Easter greeting on the front of the card and a personalised note on the back. Your Easter card is ready to send to a loved one!

Finished Easter card