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Easter Eggs – DIY

Easter is fast approaching why not try this fun Easter craft activity to keep little hands busy when the Easter egg hunt is over!

You will need

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    Eggs previously emptied (we explain how below)

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    Felt Pens

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Step 1

Download and print the patterned template, or print the plain template to colour yourself!


Step 2

After downloading the patterns, colour the different elements that will be used to create your bunnies.

You can also use the already coloured pattern.

Step 3

Cut out the different elements.

Step 4

Then add a dot of glue to the end of the bunny’s ears, then stick them behind the strip of your choice.

Leave a space of about 1cm or 1.5cm between the 2 ears.

Step 5

You can now glue both ends of the strip together.

Tip: Use the egg to measure the correct diameter.


Repeat these steps for the different designs.

Step 6

Let’s move on to decorating the eggs!

You can use paint or wax crayons. If the crayons are water-soluble, it’s even better: a little wet brush on your colouring and you will get a great paint effect!

Step 7

After having decorated your eggs with the colours of your choice, all that remains is to transform them into pretty little bunnies! With felt pens, add their eyes, a small nose, a mouth …

Then place the ears on the top of the egg.

Step 8

And here are cute little Easter bunnies to decorate the house!


How to empty an egg to decorate it?

  • Wash the egg so that it is clean and the carefully dry it
  • Pierce the 2 ends of the egg with a needle (pierce the shell)
  • At one end, you have to enlarge the hole: turn the needle to widen it
  • Hold the egg over a bowl and blow through the widest hole to remove the yolk and white.
  • Wash the egg gently and let it dry before decorating