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Create your own colourful masks

Have fun making your own personalised masks with your children

Choose from a fox, superhero and a Mexican mask.

Get creative with your family and show us your funny masks!

You will need

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    Card, felt or thick sheets to create the different elements that will make up the mask

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    Felt-tip pens such as Brush or Glitter pens

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    Pompoms or other small decorative elements

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    Elastic thread


Step 1

Download the templates to create your personalised masks. You can also download already coloured templates.


Step 2

Carefully cut out the different elements of the mask you want to create.

Step 3

Transfer the different elements to the material of your choice. Put each element on your cardboard sheet or felt and then draw around them.

Step 4

Cut out the shapes you have drawn.

Step 5

It’s time to assemble your mask. Apply glue behind the decorative elements to be glued on the base of the mask.

Step 6

Your mask is now ready to decorate. Use felt-tip pens, tassels, glitter and pom poms to decorate your masks however you like!

Step 7

Finally, thread the elastic through the small holes on each side of the mask. Make a small knot at each hole to hold the thread in place.

Step 8

You’re finished! Now you can wear your mask.