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Mother’s Day Colouring Page

To surprise mum this Mother’s day why not try our surprise colouring page? A fun and simple activity to colour and fold. To make it extra special you could add a note inside!


Activity created for Maped Helix by Allo Maman Dodo

You Will Need

  • check

    White paper

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    Maped Pastel felt pens

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    Maped Pastel colouring pencils


Step 1

Download the colouring template and print onto white paper. There is a blank version for you to colour and a pre-coloured version!


Step 2

Colour in the design with coloured pencils or markers. We have used the pastel felt pens for a spring theme!

The image that appears on each side (and which will therefore be reunited once the colouring page is folded) must be the same colour so that they match when the paper is folded.

Step 3

After the image is coloured, fold the design to one side. Be sure to align the dotted lines at the top and bottom.

Step 4

Now fold to the other side. The final image is created, all that remains is to bring the two parts together.

Step 5

Fold each folded part towards the middle to create the final image.

Step 6

The pattern drawn twice is formed by the two parts, and the interior design is now hidden.

Step 7

The large drawing will appear in surprise once the sheet is unfolded!

Happy Mother’s Day!