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3D Shoebox Aquarium

If you wish you were on holiday you can pretend you are by the sea with this activity! Follow our step-by-step guide and create a cardboard aquarium with fish that move in the water. It’s simple and the result is very pretty!


You will need:

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    Coloured paper

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    Felt tip pens

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    Nylon thread

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Step 1

Gather the necessary materials. A white shoebox works best.

Step 2

Paint the inside of the box turquoise blue or line with blue coloured paper.

Step 3

Cut seaweed and coral of different shapes and colours from the coloured paper.

Step 4

Glue the seaweed and coral onto the bottom of the aquarium to create your background.

Step 5

Draw outlines of fish on to the coloured paper. You can leave them plain or decorate with felt tip pens.

Step 6

Cut out the fish and then make a small hole at the top of each fish using the thumbtack. Thread the nylon thread through the hole to allow you to hang the fish up.

Step 7

Using the thumbtack, poke holes in the top of the shoebox. You will need two holes side by side for each fish.

Step 8

Hang the fish from the top of the box, at different heights with the nylon thread.

Step 9

It’s nearly ready!

Step 10

Add pebbles, sand or shells to the bottom of the aquarium and it’s finished!