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Lollypop Stick Photo Frame


Display photographs of your special memories in a handmade photo frame. Follow our easy guide to find out how to make your very own Lollypop stick frame, a lovely item to decorate your home or to give away to a friend!


Activity created for Maped Helix by Blog Les Tastes et les Couleurs de Laurence.

You will need

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    Lollypop sticks

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    Brush felts

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    Duo stamp felts

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    Glitter glue

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    Wooden clothes peg

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    Strong glue


Step 1

Gather the necessary equipment and choose a photo to frame.


Step 2

Colour the lollypop sticks, around 10 – 12 for a small, polaroid size photo.


Step 3

Then decorate however you like! You could use glitter, sequins and stamps or add patterns such as stripes or zigzags.


Step 4

Arrange the sticks next to each other and glue them together to form a square, then allow the sticks to dry.


Step 5

Once dry, the sticks form a wooden square. On the back, you can stick 2 sticks perpendicular to the others to bring strength to the frame.


Step 6

Glue the wooden clip at the top of the frame. Clip in your photo, then your frame is complete!