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Make an origami Christmas tree

Make your own origami Christmas tree and add a touch of ‘home-made’ to your home!

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s time to put up the decorations and greet the guests with a table dressed with beautiful origami fir trees.

A DIY activity which is easy to make and which gathers young and old for Christmas.

You will need

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    Colouring pens and pencils


Step 1

Download the template and print it.


Step 2

Colour the template.

Step 3

Now that you have coloured the circles, carefully cut them out.

Step 4

Then fold the circles to build the tree. Start by folding the “dashes” on the front side.

Step 5

Then fold the dotted “dots” on the back. To help you fold following the line, use a ruler to help you.

Step 6

Once all the circles are folded, check that they all have the correct shape.

Step 7

To create your tree, stack all the layers with the biggest at the bottom and the smallest at the top.

Enjoy your new homemade Christmas tree!