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Make your own Christmas bauble

Christmas is just around the corner, so now is the time to start making your Christmas tree decorations!

With this video tutorial, discover how to easily make Christmas baubles to hang on the tree or even in your window.

You will need

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    Cotton thread

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    Small beads

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    Coloured pencils

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    Felt-tip pens

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    Glitter glue

Make your own Christmas decorations and share a creative moment with your family. Discover our creative video tutorial and follow the steps below!


Step 1

Download the patterns for the Christmas baubles and then print the ones you like. Colour in and decorate.


Step 2

With the felt-tip pens and coloured pencils, colour the bands that will make up your Christmas baubles. Add a few decorative touches with glitter glue or stickers.

You can also use the already coloured templates if you prefer.

Step 3

Cut each strip following the red dotted lines. You then get 6 strips which will be used to make a bauble.

Step 4

Using a needle, make a hole in the ends and in the middle of each strip. The markings show you where to make the holes.

You can then hang them together to form your bauble.

Step 5

Prepare to hang your Christmas baubles:

  • 1 wire, 15 cm long
  • 2 beads in the colour of your choice
  • 1 cotton thread 15 cm long to hang your Christmas bauble

Bend one end of the wire to create a small loop that will serve as a hook.

Slide a bead on the wire so that it locks against the loop (see image below).

Step 6

Slide the strips you have prepared one by one on the wire (decorated side towards the bead).

Step 7

Fold each strip down the middle. To do this, insert the ends of each strip onto the wire, strip after strip.

Step 8

Thread the second bead on top of the Christmas bauble.

Close the wire with a loop to keep the bead in place.

Add the cotton thread and tie it with a knot to hang your bauble. Cut off the excess wire.

Your Christmas bauble is ready!

Step 9

Hang your homemade Christmas bauble on the tree!