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How and why to say thank you to your Teachers!

A selection of homemade gifts for teachers

Teachers play a massive role in our lives. Many of our teachers will see us through from children to young adults. Their kindness, patience and support help to shape us into the people we are today, and I’m sure we each have a special teacher that comes to mind!

As an adult, I have friends and family in my life who are Teachers and know how much they appreciate receiving wonderful cards and gifts from their students at the end of the school year. Whether big or small, I can say with confidence that each one is equally treasured, and will continually bring so much joy and many wonderful memories.


Therefore, we wanted to share with you some cute card ideas, along with some of the sweet reasons that your cards and/or gifts will mean so much to the Teachers in your life.


teacher messages, diy gift and colouring pencils


Some sweet and easy designs to re-create:


This is the piece that keeps on giving! This fun and inventive idea will have your teacher grinning from ear to ear whilst also showing off your child’s imagination and creativity! Simply cut out your piece of card to shape with your Maped scissors and draw your long-stemmed flower. Once you have coloured-in your beautiful flower (we recommend our Infinity pencils!), and the paper is folded up as below, your teacher can open for a lovely surprise!










There’s nothing better than lots of bright, beautiful colours so what better than a rainbow! Fill your teacher’s hearts with joy when they receive this colourful rainbow and sweet message. We created ours using our mini cute pencils and felt pens! This special card/gift will leave them feeling loved and appreciated and will definitely help to make their days feel more positive when they need a boost!

Tip: If you have older children, first pencil out the calligraphy to make it much easier for them to trace over with their color’peps brush felt pens!







Make them something special!



An alternative to a thank-you card is a wonderful, handmade present. Teachers will love the idea of you making something yourself no matter what it is, and we think this would be the perfect choice! For a step-by-step guide on how to create this cute gift, click the link below!




A small plant on a desk with bunting hanging over it spelling thanks


What does a thank you gift mean to your teacher?



Gifting your child’s teacher with a lovely present or card means and shows so much more to them than you would think! We have compiled a list of reasons from real teachers who have let us know what a thank you gift really means to them:



1.  Shows off what your child has learnt – It means so much to a teacher to see progression in your children from the start to the end of term. An arts and crafts type gift/card or a long, heartful message is a chance for your child to show their teacher how much they’ve taught them! This will fill their teacher with so much pride and reinforce how much of a great teacher they really are.


2.  Shows appreciation from the whole family – A gift/card for their teacher isn’t just from your child, but the whole family. The fact you took the time or money to be able to give them something special will really mean a lot. A teacher knows that this lovely gift is not just from your child, but also the rest of the family thanking them for all their hard work.


3.  Gift them a piece of nostalgia – Each year group a teacher has will be just as special as the next. Giving them a gift or special card will act as a portal back to fond memories of your children and their year group that they will never forget. This is especially sentimental when your child’s teacher sees them through multiple year groups and gets to see them grow!


4.  Spreads kindness – Everybody loves to receive thanks for what they do, and teachers are no exception! The academic year can have moments of stress and intense periods, so a heartfelt message or sentimental gift always makes it all feel worth it in the end!


5.  They’re more than just teachers – A teacher’s job is so much more than people may realise. As well as teaching your children everything they need to learn and succeed, they will also teach them life skills, nurture and encourage their interests and talents, be a shoulder to cry on, look after them when they’re sick or hurt, help them through hard times and love them like their own.



teacher receiving yellow flowers from students



We would be lost without teachers and they deserve all the appreciation you can give. Remember, gifts and cards don’t need to cost the world to mean the world. Many teachers will prefer something sentimental and personal over expensive and appreciate just being thought of! We hope this blog has provided some helpful ideas and advice and that the teachers in your life enjoy a well-earned summer holiday!