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Make a cute pencil holder

Cat, unicorn and rabbit pencil pots holding pens and pencils

The autumn term is in full swing and the summer holidays seem like a distant memory. An organised desk is the basis for working well when you come home from school and if it’s pretty and neat, all the better!


In our step by step guide we’ll show you how to recycle your old tin cans to make cute pencil holders. We have shown you how to make 3 different animals for your desk, but you can also create many other designs, why not try making a dog, frog, penguin or even a mouse!


Activity created for Maped Helix by Allo Maman Dodo.

You will need

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    Empty glass jar or tin

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    Coloured paper

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    Felt pens or colouring pencils

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    Glue stick


Step 1

Gather the materials needed for the activity.

Coloured paper, tin can, felts and scissors laying on a purple background

Step 2

Measure the height of the pot by making marks on the sheet of paper, then cut out a strip which will cover around the outside of the can.

a tin can laying on a sheet of paper

Step 3

Draw and cut out the decorative elements.


  • For the unicorn: ears, horn and flowers.
  • For the cat: the tail and the ears.

For the rabbit: the heart-shaped nose and the ears

coloured and cut out decorations, a unicorn horn, ears and flowers

Step 4

Glue everything to the pot, as in the photos including the paper cover around the can and the decorative elements.

a partially completed unicorn pencil pot

Step 5

Draw on the face and details using the markers.


  • For the unicorn: eyes, mouth and cheeks.
  • For the cat: the eyes, the nose, mouth and whiskers.
  • For the rabbit: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth and whiskers.
a completed unicorn pencil pot

Step 6

Now all you need to do is fill your pots with your favourite stationery!

Cat, unicorn and rabbit pencil pots holding pens and pencils