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Halloween candy buckets decoration

Trick or Treat! ​Halloween is fast approaching, are you ready? ​

Follow our step by step guide and decorate your own Halloween candy bucket

You will need

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    Printed templates downloaded from the link above

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    Felt Pens

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    Colouring Pencils

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Step 1

Download your Halloween templates to print and colour.


Step 2

Colour in your Halloween templates with markers or colouring pencils.

Step 3

Using scissors, carefully cut along the outline of the shapes to make up your character.

Step 4

Now to assemble your character. For the bat, follow the steps below:

  • Fold the edge of the wing following the line
  • Apply glue onto the folded tab
  • Glue one wing on each side of the bat.

Step 5

All the elements are now ready! All you have to do is stick them on your candy buckets.


Over to you to create your own custom candy buckets for Halloween! All that’s left to do is fill your candy buckets with Halloween treats

Happy Halloween!