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Paper Plate Frisbee

home made frisbees

Summer is here and with it comes nice weather!  Maped Helix is here to help you keep the children busy and entertain them outdoors! Use our step-by-step guide to create your own frisbee and help your children set up their own game. Our simple to make frisbee can easily be used in the park, in the garden, or even on the beach during the holidays!


Activity created for Maped Helix by Valérie from the Allo Maman dodo blog.

You will need

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    Paper plates

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    Glue stick


Step 1

Turn the plate over so that it’s facing down on the table. Start decorating the bottom of the paper plates using the highlighters. Draw strips from the middle of the plate to the edge.

A hand decorating a paper plate with highlighters

Step 2

Choose your design: Plain stripes, polka dots or alternating pictures and patterns – it’s up to you!

A hand decorating a paper plate with highlighters

Step 3

Carefully cut a circle out of the middle of the plate to create the shape of the frisbee. Do the same with the second plate.

A hand cutting out the centre of the frisbee with scissors

Step 4

Turn the plate face up and apply glue all around the edge.

Glueing two halves of the frisbee together

Step 5

Place the other plate face down on top and press down to create your frisbee.

a home made frisbee

Step 6

You can make several frisbees with different patterns and colours!

home made frisbees

Step 7

Now you’re ready to play! Stand facing the other player, a few meters away, and throw the frisbee, holding it horizontally. It’s a slight movement of the wrist that will make the Frisbee fly straight ahead!

home made frisbees