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Mandala Notebook

Two notebooks with decorated colours laying on a desk next to a box of felt tip pens

Head back to school in style with your own unique handmade notebook! Make notes at school or use as a diary or sketch book, you can keep it in your bag and take it with you anywhere.


Creating colourful mandalas is a simple and effective activity which allows you to relax and be mindful, a perfect way to enjoy the rest of the summer holidays before school starts!


Activity created for Maped Helix by Allo Maman Dodo

You will need

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    Colouring pencils

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    Felt tip pens

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    Needle and thread


Step 1

Create your mandala pattern by creating rosettes with the compass. First draw a circle, then draw several semicircles inside, each time placing the point on an intersection to create the petals. Circle around to create overlapping rosettes.

A hand holding a compass drawing a pattern on a white piece of paper

Step 2

Now add some detail to your design by drawing freehand. You could add zig-zags, waves, spots or anything else you like. The more details there are, the better the mandala will be!

A hand drawn pattern on a white piece of paper

Step 3

Decide on a colour scheme and choose 6 to 8 coloured pencils or felt pens to complete your design.

A hand colouring in a patterned sheet

Step 4

Start colouring in the mandalas until there is no more white space! This will be the cover of your notebook.

A decorated sheet laying next to colouring pencils

Step 5

Fold your mandala design in half, along with some plain white A4 paper.

A decorated sheet with notebook pages next to a needle and thread

Step 6

Ask an adult to help you with this step or to do it for you. With a large needle, poke a few holes down the centre of the paper, then use the needle and thread to sew in and out through the holes to connect the sheets together. Finish with a knot to hold everything in place.

an open note book with a needle and thread

Step 7

Your unique notebook is finished and ready to use! You can create other designs in different colours of your choice!

Two notebooks with decorated colours laying on a desk next to a box of felt tip pens