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10 New Year’s resolution ideas for 2024!

2024 journal goals

It’s 2024, Happy New Year! The time has come around again when everyone is asking the same question; no, it’s not “how was your Christmas? ”, but “what are your new year’s resolutions?”


We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite New Year Resolutions that we think offer a unique and creative take on some to do’s from everyone’s list!



  1. 1. Create your own planners and calendars

It’s so easy to unintentionally avoid what is actually a really fun and creative activity! The shops are full of calendars and expensive, detailed planners. However, creating your own for each month could actually do a lot more than you’d expect! As well as keeping you organised, it’s a great way to get creative and completely personalise your own calendar. It also offers some quality time for what is actually a very mindful activity away from electronics and work life.



Monthly bullet journal flatlays




  1. 2. Make at least one card or gift for occasions this year

We see them all over social media; the easy to follow arts and crafts cards and think “we could do that too!” Well this year, why don’t you set out a goal to create a card for at least one occasion? With Valentine’s and Easter around the corner, and birthdays throughout the year, we think it’s a perfect way to show extra thought and care whilst also being a really fun activity!




Thank you teacher card with flower on




  1. 3. Bring the outdoors in with arts and crafts

We always say we want to get out into nature more and spend family time outdoors, but keeping the little ones occupied during long walks can sometimes be challenging! That’s why, incorporating more arts and crafts activities tailored for outside, such as texture rubbing or colourful plant and flower foraging, is a great way to keep them engaged during a walk, whilst encouraging everyone to take in their beautiful surroundings more!



Infinity coloured leaves





  1. 4.  Lean on mindfulness colouring for selfcare!

We all need regular mental health check-ins throughout the year but especially in the New Year when winter blues can set in after the busy Christmas period. That’s why, incorporating intentional time in your day or week for mindful colouring as a new year goal, will have a hugely positive impact on your mental health for 2024.



colouring paper on grass bed



  1. 5. Try a new art skill as a family

Learning and trying new things as a family is a fundamental way of creating even more unity and shared memories together. Introducing something new all together could even become a well-loved family tradition. Your little ones will love having a go with the blow art pens kit, and Moms and Dads will love the nostalgia of this creative activity! (It could even help create beautiful occasion cards!)




blow pen art product on pink base




  1. 6. Get baking with Maped Helix!

Everyone wants to eat healthier entering the new year, but did you ever think that you could use some of our favourite Maped Helix products to do so?! Families up and down the country will be striving to make more home-cooked meals and eat healthier this week and therefore, will need the tools to do so! Use our rulers for the neatest straight lines, our scissors for the perfect amount of baking parchment and our Helix Oxford gel pens to write down your favourite recipes along the way!




recipe cards in pink and green





  1. 7.  Follow more arts and crafts influencers on social media

It’s 2024, so you need to make sure that your social media platforms represent what you love and the positive things you want to be surrounded by! The majority of arts and crafts influencers are creative, lovely parents who also wanted to incorporate more arts and crafts into their family lives. Aswell as this, they are some of the most positive and wholesome accounts to be following. Full of inspo, fun and relatable content, make sure you have some on your ‘following’ list this year! Some of our favourite at Maped Helix include;











  1. 8. Replace electronic time with creative time

It can be hard to not lean on electronic items when the little ones are bored or the whether is awful, that’s where our Magical Tablet comes in to save the day! This can make for such a great alternative to an ipad or tablet, and allows for some creative time or to play little games as a family!



magic tablet with a game of noughts and crosses on it




  1. 9.  Daily journaling

Similarly to creating your own planners and calendars, getting into the early habit of journalling daily is always a great New Year’s resolution! Taking the time to write about your day and set your intentions for the next day, is an amazing way of staying organised whilst also being a lovely way of being able to look back and enjoy memories from throughout the year. It’s also really beneficial to get your children into the routine of being more mindful and aware of their feelings whilst they’re young.



journal entry in pink writing with helix oxford gel pens






  1. 10. More travelling

Of course, experiencing more places and travelling to new destinations together is on every bucket list for the New Year! Making memories on holiday is one of the most special things you can do as a family, and I’m sure everyone’s favourite way to spend time off from school. If that is you and your family, we couldn’t recommend the Travel board enough for your long journeys, whether it be car, boat or plane!





travel board product on purple background




We hope you all have a wonderful start to the year and rest of 2024. Make sure you’re following all of our socials below to stay caught up on the exciting new things coming this year!