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Make Animal Sliding Puzzles


Does your child like to do puzzles? What if they could make their own puzzles? Use felt-tip pens, cardboard and scissors to make two cute puzzles with a wintery forest scene. Have fun!


Make a sliding cardboard puzzle with cute drawings of forest animals. Complete the puzzle to reveal the doe and rabbit or bird and butterfly.


Thanks to Aurélie from Les Mamans Winneuses blog for this activity.

You will need

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    2 sheets of cardboard 20x20 cm each (2 sheets per puzzle)

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    White paper to print the colouring pages

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    Felt tip pens

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Step 1

Download and print the colouring sheets to complete the puzzles and colour them with your favourite felt tip pens, crayons or paint.

You can print out templates that are already coloured or print blank ones and colour your own.


Step 2

Cut out the entire colouring page.


Step 3

Glue the colouring page onto cardboard.


Step 4

Cut the cardboard around the frame.Then cut out the colouring to separate the frame from the puzzle with scissors or a cutter (to be done by an adult).


Step 5

Print the numbers and glue them on the back of the puzzle design.


Step 6

Cut out along the lines on the colouring page to create 9 puzzle pieces.


Step 7

Glue the frame onto the second piece of cardboard.


Step 8

Place each piece of the puzzle inside.


Step 9

Complete the puzzle by sliding the pieces inside the frame.

And there you have it! Your own puzzles to complete or give away to a friend as a home made Christmas gift!