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Snow Globe Christmas Cards


Handmade greeting cards are the best to receive at Christmas time. Why not try our activity to make a personalised Christmas card filled with love (and snow)! Make a pretty snow globe card to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas or send a card to Santa Claus.


Activity created for Maped Helix by Valérie from Allo Maman Dodo.

You will need

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    1 Sheet of white card

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    1 Sheet of white paper

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    1 Clear plastic bag or document wallet

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    Adhesive tape

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    Colouring pens and pencils


Step 1

Download the colouring template and decorate it with felt tips or coloured pencils. You can also make your own drawing to create your own unique design.


Step 2

To create the snowflakes, cut out thin strips of white paper with scissors. Then make small cuts across the strips to make lots of little pieces of paper: It’s snow! You can also add some silver glitter to make it sparkle.


Step 3

Now we have to create the snow globe! To do this, use a transparent plastic bag. Cut out a square that is the same size as your design. Use the outline of the colouring page to draw the lines and cut out the plastic bag to the same measurements.


Step 4

Tape the open sides of the plastic bag then slide the “snow” into the remaining opening. Seal again with masking tape so that the snow remains inside.


Step 5

Now create the card!

Fold a sheet of card in half then on one side, draw a circle in the middle using a compass.


Step 6

Cut out the inside of the circle to create an opening that will be the snow globe.


Step 7

Glue the colouring page onto the card opposite the opening, then fix over the snowy plastic with adhesive tape. And to make it prettier, decorate with glittery paper strips or masking tape!


Step 8

The card is almost finished, now it’s ready to decorate! Add the base and the outline of the snow globe and a Christmassy message. Let your imagination run wild!


Step 9

Shake the card, we hear a soft sound of flakes, and we can see snow in the winter landscape! Magical!