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Jubilee Party Photobooth Kit

Photo booth props laying on a desk

Liven up your Jubilee party with your very own photobooth kit to print, colour and decorate!


The template includes everything you need to take funny photos at your Jubilee party including crown, glasses, moustache, lips and bow tie. Everything your party guests need to dress up and have a Jubilee photo shoot!


Activity created for Maped Helix by Valérie from the Allo Maman dodo blog.

You will need

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    White paper

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    Wooden sticks

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    Adhesive tape

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    Felt tips, colouring pencils or paint to decorate


Step 1

Download the photobooth template and print onto white paper.

Templates for photo booth props laying on a desk with scissors and paints

Step 2

Glue the sheet onto thin cardboard.

Templates for photobooth props laying on a piece of cardboard

Step 3

Colour in the template using paint, colouring pencils or felt tip pens. You could even use glitter felts to make your photobooth accessories shine!

A hand painting photo booth templates

Step 4

Carefully cut out each of the photobooth accessories using a pair of scissors.

A hand cutting out coloured photo booth templates

Step 5

On the back of each accessory, attach a wooden stick with adhesive tape.

A hand sticking a stick to the back of a cardboard crown

Step 6

You could add some sequins, stickers or beads for extra decoration.

Photo booth props laying on a desk

Step 7

And there you go! Your photobooth props are ready for a super fun Jubilee photo shoot.

Photo booth props laying on a desk